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How to Create a Poll on Wix – Tutorial

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Introduction: Hi there guys, welcome back to the channel. Thank you very much for joining us again. Today, I will be demonstrating for you how to create a poll on your Wix website.

Understanding the Need for a Poll: So, how do you create a form that allows people to cast votes, write things, or share their opinions on a particular topic? Essentially, a poll is a tool that helps gather opinions and record people’s views on various subjects. However, by default, Wix does not have a built-in poll mechanism within its website editor. While they are working on integrating this feature, there are workarounds available.

Finding Workarounds in the App Store: To access these workarounds, you can navigate to the left-hand side toolbar on your Wix website and click on the “Add Apps” button. This will take you to the App Market where you can search for the word “poll” to find different options. Feel free to experiment with various poll apps available in the store to find one that suits your needs. In this tutorial, I will show you one particular poll app that I find quite effective.

Installing a Poll App: After selecting a poll app from the App Market, you can install it on your website by clicking on the “Add to Site” button. This will populate your website with a poll feature from the chosen app. The app I will be demonstrating is from a company called Power, and with a free account, you can add up to six questions.

Customizing Your Poll: Once the poll app is installed, click on the settings button to customize the poll according to your needs. You can adjust the title, description, alignment, color, font size, and other visual elements of the poll to make it suit your website’s design. After making the necessary changes, click on “Done” to apply them.

Adding Questions to Your Poll: The poll app allows you to add multiple-choice questions for users to respond to. You can create questions such as “What’s your favorite color?” and provide different choices for users to select from. Additionally, you can edit the settings for each question, make them mandatory, and choose whether to make the answers public. Once you are satisfied with the questions, click on “Done” to save them.

Exploring Different Element Options: Apart from multiple-choice questions, the poll app offers various elements for data collection, including URLs, phone numbers, dates, images, and more. You can add up to six different elements or questions to your poll with the free plan. Explore the different options available to create a customized poll that meets your requirements.

Viewing Responses: After users start responding to your poll, you can view the collected responses by clicking on the response button in the dashboard. This will show you the data and opinions shared by users on the poll. You can access responses for multiple polls on your website and analyze the results to gain insights into the preferences and opinions of your audience.

Conclusion: Creating a poll on your Wix website is a simple process with the help of third-party poll apps available in the App Market. By customizing the poll, adding questions, and exploring different element options, you can create a user-friendly and engaging polling experience for your website visitors. Keep track of responses and use the data collected to make informed decisions and improve user engagement on your website. If you found this tutorial helpful, consider subscribing to our channel for more informative content. Thank you for watching!

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