Namecheap Review Use NameCheap to purchase domains Namecheap Video Review


Namecheap Review Use NameCheap to purchase domains

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hi this is Sam here from Sam and
I want to thank you for stopping by and
watching this video in this video we’re
going to discuss name cheap for domains
now what actually is a domain why do we
need it why name cheap and how do we go
about getting it so what is a domain
name um technically according to Google
that actually means the part of a
network address which identifies it as
belonging to a particular domain but
like all Google terminology olog it is
actually very confusing and really
doesn’t explain much at all so the way I
always looked at a domain is very
similar to the way I look at hosting and
that is a domain is what a house is to
land um so basically without a house you
cannot have a home so a uh hosting is
basically the actual land where it’s
parked but the domain name is the actual
house itself so it’s where you build
your website hopefully that creates a
little bit more clarity now why do you
actually need it I mean this one’s
probably pretty obvious um um no domain
no website a domain a domain name
basically allows you to actually have a
website you need a website obviously to
create an online presence now you could
obviously use social media and so on and
so forth but there is just nothing quite
like a website I’m sure you can attest
and you’ve experienced it yourself or
you’ve actually gone to a website and
been extremely impressed with the way
the website is actually set up whereas
if you go to Facebook or Instagram you
don’t necessarily get a real glance at
what somebody’s look look um is up to
and you really don’t get a feel of
professionalism on a social platform and
that’s because of that particular type
of marketing medium so a website
actually allows you to go ahead and do
that um and also obviously it allows you
to be able to do business globally
because you’re going to have a website
where people can purchase your services
and products so why would I actually use
name chip name chip does actually
provide 24/7 365 days a year support
just like co- skater um which as you all
know I’m very very high on you can also
register a domain for as little as
$547 a year I didn’t realize it was
actually that cheap when I looked into
it last night um other domain name
providers you know anywhere from
$9.99 up to 1495 which I mean frankly
still isn’t enough but as I always
allude to when it comes to you starting
your online business you want to try and
keep your cost as low as possible so
that you can invest in the right tools
for you to be able to maximize your
so another thing you get with name cheap
that you don’t necessarily get anywhere
else is one full year of who is guard
privacy this basically blocks your
personal details and stop people from
being able to look up who actually owns
the website and therefore kind of
hounding you on a more personal level I
mean that’s not necessarily a bad thing
but I mean people who are searching who
is guard for um specific personal
details I don’t think they’re
necessarily um interested in purchasing
your products or Services um also
Simplicity and purchasing a domain I’ve
bought domains from a multitude of
platforms and there are some of them
that make it extremely difficult and
you’ve probably been yourself to a shop
where you’ve gone and all you wanted to
buy was let’s say a box of cereal um and
you’ve gotten to the counter and the
person has gone well would you like a
piece of gum would you like a block of
chocolate would you like a bottle of
coke um while all those things there
might be nice that they’ve actually
offered the simple fact is that all you
really wanted was that box of cereal I
found the same thing with name cheap
they do provide you know one or two
upsells that you can possibly buy to
make your website more secure more safe
so on and so for but ultimately it comes
down to just a few things when I’ve I’ve
bought a domain once before where I’ve
literally seen somewhere between 15 and
20 different options of other things to
purchase on top of the actual domain
itself and it makes it confusing because
you start reading the stuff that’s
actually on there and you don’t really
need all of it right so it’s really just
upsells I’m trying to sell sell you more
and more product which I don’t
necessarily like with name Che you don’t
get that okay it’s actually a very
simple purchasing process which um we
can see here so how do you actually go
about getting it and purchasing a domain
can actually be really really simple it
can obviously be very difficult and
confusing as well if you use the wrong
platform which is why we’re talking
about name Che so if you go to there is a link below
this video that you can go ahead and
sign up and if you actually need help
signing up um two name chap all you need
to do is watch the video tutorial
below and if you have any further
questions please go ahead and comment
below this post or this video depending
on where you’ve seen it please like uh
comment share subscribe friend
everything you can possibly think of
Under the Sun depending on what platform
you’re actually visiting this on um and
more importantly you know go ahead and
tag a friend that might actually find
this information useful if they’re
trying to start a business as well um
and yes do do please share the this
content and I thank you very much for
stopping by this video we’ll see you in
the next one

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