Namecheap Hosting Review 2023: Creating a WordPress Website [Tutorial for Beginners] Namecheap Video Review


Namecheap Hosting Review 2023: Creating a WordPress Website [Tutorial for Beginners]

Tutorial Hosting
hey guys how we doing today this is
wally again with and if
you guys are watching this namecheap or
hosting review it means that
you guys want to learn how to create
your very own website blog
online to start making money if that’s
the case you’re in the right place i’m
gonna take you guys step by step through
the process
and show you how simply you can create a
website online okay a few things that
we’re gonna learn today in this
video tutorial uh we’re gonna talk about
domain names
we’re going to talk about web hosting
you know these are the two most
important things that you need
both of which you guys can get by using
the very first link that’s right below
in the descriptions portion of this
video if you don’t have
a domain or web hosting already you’re
going to need that before you can
proceed you know four so check out that
link that’s right below it’s the very
first one
it is a discounted link when you click
here to give you guys a special discount
uh not only on your domain but also on
your web hosting uh today
so those are the two things that you
will need to really create
you know your website online uh some
other things that i wanted to talk about
guys in this name cheaper view
is how you can go about like promoting
you know your website
online and also how to really build
you know your brand uh that you guys are
creating you know online itself of
course with any website online
uh the reality is when people land on
your website no matter what
the genre industry is when people land
on your website they’re not likely to
uh on the very first exposure sometimes
it may take
several exposures for people to you know
really you know pull out their credit
card and buy you know whatever it is
that you are selling
and so um marketing learning marketing
and really
understanding how to create a website
that not only
captures you know like the attention of
your potential
uh customer self but also being able to
follow up with those who may not
have a purchase you know with you so i
wanted to give you guys more
than most of the typical name cheap
reviews that are out there a lot of
people don’t even have
you know the web hosting itself there
may be affiliates that are just
like promoting it promoting it promoting
it but they don’t actually use
the services as well so i just wanted to
take it a little bit
uh beyond to help you guys really
appreciate all that
namecheap you know has to offer so if
you guys like that
smash the like button right now really
appreciate your support by subscribing
to this channel
because i want to make sure that you are
successful for 2021
you know going forward all right great
so uh to get things off to a really good
start if you don’t have
your domain name and web hosting already
you need that first
click the very first link that’s uh
right below in the descriptions portion
of this video when you click it it’s
going to open up automatically in
another tab
and you’ll have something that looks
like this now
with domain names itself your domain
name itself is again it’s just going to
the name of your website itself in my
case it’s learning that dot com is super
it doesn’t have any dashes there are no
numbers in my domain name itself is
super simple you
you should think about a domain name or
the name of your website
that would be super simple for your
visitors to remember
the cool thing about namecheap is this
there’s no other place online that sells
cheaper domain names than namecheap
i’ve tried godaddy i’ve tried a number
of different
domain name registrars that are out
there and nobody
can be name chiefs uh prices not only
for domain names but also
for the web hosting itself and for that
reason i highly recommend using them to
create websites and blogs
online okay so just think about the dot
com the dot
of your particular brand and you want to
reserve that by simply just typing
in that name you know right here when
you click the search bar to let you know
if it’s available
and from that point you’ll be on the
next step which is to get
web hosting itself so what type of web
hosting should you actually purchase uh
today with the links below
you guys have noticed that namecheap has
different types of shared wordpress
reseller hosting
reseller hosting is really for those
people that want to uh
open their very own web hosting business
you want to sell web hosting to other
for profit that’s what reseller hosting
is if you’re beginner online you don’t
need reseller hosting
you don’t need vps or dedicated servers
those are really good for people who
have high
volumes of traffic already and if you’re
beginner online
you don’t have that so you don’t need
that it is a little bit more expensive
to have vps or dedicated serving
service not only with namecheap but with
any web hosting provider that’s online
but overall
overall the prices that you’ll find at
are the lowest you know in the industry
itself so what is it that i recommend
that you guys should choose to create
you know your website i want you to
click on where it says shared hosting
do that right now and when you click on
shared hosting guys
you’ll see some amazing discounts of up
to 46
off you know with the third tier that
you guys will see right here so
you know the prices as i told you before
they’re really really cheap
very inexpensive they’re ideally for
people who are beginners you know online
and want to save money and obviously
that’s the case
if you guys are here watching this name
cheap review uh so the three
plans that you could select from the
stellar seller plus and business
the real difference between the three is
that one if you just want to create
one website today and that’s it the
seller the first tier is ideal for you
it allows you to not only create one
website but you can do
up to three websites which is amazing
most web hosting providers online on the
very first tier
if they have three different packages
typically only allow you to create
one website so with namecheap you’re
able to create
three websites which is amazing now when
you bump up to stellar plus and business
you guys notice that you have the the
capability of creating unlimited
websites online so this is really great
if you are
a person that’s into maybe like
affiliate marketing network marketing
you have several projects online
that you want to accomplish you know
like in the coming years what have you
um either of these plans is ideal for
just that so the main thing that you
want to do right here guys is you just
want to think about which
of the three plans you feel will be
ideal for you
across the board guys to get free ssls
which are really great if you are
selling products
on your website so if you want to do
like an e-commerce store just
simply just selling products you know on
your website the awesome thing is that
you know namecheap will give you that
for free there’s a 30-day money-back
guarantee so if you feel that namecheap
is not for you
you guys can get in contact with
customer support and you can get your
money back
100 okay so name cheap as i mentioned
before i highly highly recommend using
for creating a websites online and if
you’re a beginner
i just recommend getting you know their
shared hosting itself right
so just think about which of these three
packages you feel would be best for you
i personally recommend you know going
with the seller plus
um especially if you if you’re gonna
have additional projects you know going
forward as i mentioned before both plans
allow for limited
web hosting itself but you don’t you may
not need like
extra resources right now you may just
want to
you know go with the seller plus plan so
if you want to go with seller plus
all you got to do is just click on the
get started button guys and the very
next page itself what you guys are going
to be doing is you’re going to be
setting up your account with namecheap
now once you finish the process of
setting up your account you know with
getting your domain name your web
hosting and all of that
namecheap is going to send you to your
email credentials to what’s called your
cpanel it’s basically going to have
your username that they’re assigning you
and also a password that allows you to
that allow you to log
into your cpanel itself if you guys want
to see what it looks like
this is what it looks like you’ll notice
that you know on it
it’ll be divvied up into different you
know subsections
where you’ll be able to access different
files databases you can add on domains
all kinds of things that you guys would
be able to do you know with this and so
it’s really great
and ideal for again on creating multiple
websites you know online and managing
them successfully
from one you know control panel itself
so again once you get your domain name
you figure out what your domain name is
in your web hosting
you guys are going to get started um and
setting up your account
and once you get those credentials to
your email it’s pretty immediate once
you pay for your web hosting
then you’ll be able to log into your
cpanel itself okay
so once you do that guys again you’ll
see something that looks
just like this where you can set up like
email accounts and do all kinds of
things guys to really help you to
again manage your websites online what i
think is really cool about namecheap
that you have access to uh with their
cpanel is that you can also monitor like
visitors how many people are coming to
your website
houses that they’re making it to your
website different keywords or terms that
they’re typing in to make it to your
i mean all of these things are really
ideal again to be able to manage
you know your website and so it’s just a
all-around great uh platform itself now
drop to the very bottom hopefully you
guys have purchased your web hosting and
you got your domain name and all of that
and you’re logged into
cpanel if you haven’t made it here yet
and you’re having some issues logging
into it uh drop a comment right below
just want to make sure that you guys are
following along you haven’t missed
and we’re pretty much on the same page
itself all right
so again those credentials will go
straight to your email there’ll be a
link that you’ll click on with a
username and password that name teaches
namecheap is going to provide you
and with that you’ll be here where i’m
at okay so the very next thing that you
want to do is drop to the very bottom
where you see apps installers and you’ll
see different types of cms platforms
that are here
we’re going to be working with wordpress
so you want to click on that
do that right now click on that and the
very next screen guys it’ll bring you to
a page that looks like this
right and you want to click on install
and what you want to do here is you just
want to select the domain name itself
that you want to create
you know your website on so if you have
several domain names
you can just go to the you know the drop
down over here that’s on the right
like i just did right here and you are
going to
select the domain that you want to
install wordpress on
and this this particular process guys uh
anytime that you guys want to create
like a new website online you’re going
to follow the same process
of logging into your cpanel you’ll get
to this page where you have the install
and from here you’re going to select a
domain name that you want to install
wordpress on
and then you’re going to proceed to the
very next
subsection where it says site name
and right here you’re going to type in
the name of the website itself
so what we’re going to do guys together
i want you to type in the name of
your actual website itself so in my case
we’re going to use create
a wp blog
so i’m going to type in create awp
blog i’m going to type in that oh that’s
blob let’s see
so whatever the name of your particular
website is
uh that’s what you’re going to type in
here all right
let me just capitalize that
great now where it says uh site
description guys this is a
a tagline this is what people expect to
learn about when they land upon your
website itself so
what you want to do is type in a brief
description whatever it is that you sell
you’re promoting you know online you
just want to put a brief description
a tagline if you will of what your
visitors will expect to learn
or receive you know on your website
so i’ll type in something like tips to
learn how to create
websites online i’m just going to use
now where it says admin username guys
you’re going to plug
in an admin username that you’re going
to use to be
login to the backend of your website and
again i’m going to show you guys
how this works so i’m going to erase
admin because i don’t want to use
i’m going to type in create a wp blog
that’s what i’m going to use
you can use whatever you want you just
wanted to be a username that
you yourself remembers and it’s simple
but when we get to password we do want
to create a password that’s
difficult that way again you can log
into the back end of your
of website uh when you are doing this uh
this installation for wordpress itself
namecheap obviously will
you know give you a password itself you
guys can see the one that was there is
pretty long it’s very difficult
but it’s not likely that you’re going to
remember that password that’s there so
you can just personalize it
and create your very own uh password
something that’ll be easy for you to
but hard to guess you know for people
that are trying to gain entry to your
website such as like hackers right
so we’re gonna i recommend doing like 9
10 characters
and i think that you should add maybe
some numbers or symbols you know with
that way again it makes it hard to guess
what you’re going to plug in here guys
is your
your email you are going to plug in your
email and this email will be used for a
few things one
whenever you get locked out of your
website itself maybe you forgot the
password maybe you’ve got your username
whatever the case if you want to reset
wordpress is going to send you an email
to this one right here so whatever email
that you plug in here that’s going to be
like the main
email that wordpress is going to use to
communicate with you
going forward also with like updates
with uh the software itself or wordpress
um if they’re like any bugs that are
fixed you know with it
all of that communication itself will be
sent directly to
the email that you plug in right here so
just make sure that it’s an email that
um it’s active and it’s one that you
actually check
all right the very next section guys i
want you to look at where it says choose
now of course with this name cheap
review we’re doing it in english
maybe i’ll probably do some future
videos maybe in spanish or french
but for the purpose of this tutorial
we’re just going to leave it right now
in english but this will be
the language of your website itself so
if you guys speak
another language besides they know
and you want to display you know like
your content
the settings and all of that in that
particular language itself you can do
that by selecting
from this drop down that’s right here so
if you do that
just click on it and you’ll see
different languages that are here
chinese dutch danish
hebrew amazing uh spanish of course
ukrainian russian
chinese so i mean you have all of these
languages major languages guys that you
can select from
if you speak another language other than
english so for the purpose of this name
cheap review we’re just going to leave
it at english that we’re all on the same
page and
you guys understand what you know the
next pages will look like okay
you can skip these two sub sections
right here you don’t need to uh
buck with them what i am going to do is
i’m going to click
on this one right here this classic
where it says select plugins we’re going
to talk more about plug-ins shortly
plugins guys for wordpress just add
functionality you know to your website
they allow you to do things that
you can’t do you know without them uh
think about plugins like apps for phones
uh all of us have like you know androids
or maybe
iphones or what have you and we’ve
apps on our phones to allow us different
capabilities right but
if you install like too many apps on
your phone
of course you can make it run slow or
maybe malfunction
it’s a right here out the gate even
before you install wordpress
on your domain name itself you’ll have
the option of
you know taking off like two you’ll have
the option of checking off
two plugins that are really really nice
to have
in the classic editor i’m gonna tell you
guys i’m gonna show you guys a little
bit later you know what that is that way
you know why it is that i’m checking on
but i didn’t want you to uncheck this
because login
limits uh basically when somebody is
trying to break into your website itself
that’s why you wanna this
is automatically checked don’t uncheck
it if somebody’s trying to
log into your website itself and they’re
not authorized they’re trying to guess
your password or something like that
wordpress is going to lock up and that
way it protects the services of
protection so you should leave that
as is but again i’m going to check the
button right here so do not uncheck that
leave it as is okay
but again we’re going to talk a little
bit later on about um
you know more plug-ins that i think you
should install to create your website
okay great so
skip where it says advanced options
advanced options you can leave that
the very next subsection itself guys are
theme so themes really
are the appearance of your website what
your website is going to look like
when it goes live itself the cool thing
namecheap when you’re creating you know
your website is that you have the option
of selecting a theme right here these
are some really nice premium like themes
or once we install wordpress you can
gain access to the dashboard
of our website and allow you to have
access to even more
um you know themes that are out there
okay and so if you just scroll down
guys just depending on the themes that
you guys may be
you know into these are some really
really nice clean themes there’s one
pizza it’s really good if you guys are
you scroll all the way down and you
again you can see different themes
centered around
various you know topics or genres
so you guys can see that educator is a
really nice theme as well
really like that one this is academy
that’s a really good one
um you can see like the overall themes
that you have access to so just
depending on what you guys are wanting
to do
online you know with your website you
can simply just click
on one of these you know topics and
it’ll show you all the themes
that are centered you know around that
itself okay great so
what we’re doing right here guys i’m
just going to select one of these
just for the purpose of this name cheap
review and tutorial
just to help you to see how this works
now whether you select a
a theme right here or not um it doesn’t
really matter it doesn’t change
anything all it’s allowing you to do is
install um a theme
out the gate okay but i’m gonna show you
guys later how to gain access to
um themes itself that’ll be more of
you know i’m gonna show you guys shortly
how to install different wordpress
that may resonate even better you know
with your actual business that you’re
you’re trying to create you know online
okay all right great so what i’m going
to do is i’m going to select this right
here where it says triple
and i’m just going to click on it now
the cool thing about this
is that if you select one of these
themes that are here
the cool thing is that they will build
out automatically
a few pages for you like in this case
i’ll automatically have created for me
already an about me page a contact page
and a home page which is great
what that means is that i don’t have to
do it myself
so i like that you know out of the gate
you can have these pages already built
you know for you
there are website builders out there
that will do the same thing
but i like that you know from the out of
the gate you know once you install
on the website it allows you to do that
uh from the get go right so i think it’s
a really really nice perk
for beginners so if i want to use this
i’m going to collect i’m going to click
on select theme
and you’ll come to a page that looks
like this on the very bottom guys what
you want to do
is where it says email installation
details 2
you want to plug in your email again you
want to plug in your email again because
you want to receive a confirmation
that wordpress was in fact installed on
your domain name itself so that’s what
wordpress is going to do
once we plug in our email right here and
we click
install it takes a few seconds for
wordpress to install
and then that way we’ll have a live
website so let’s do that together guys
great guys so once you plug in your
email click install
do that together and once you do this
it says here that it takes three to four
minutes to do
but it’s fairly fairly quick and as you
guys can see
it’s just installing in a wordpress on
the actual domain name itself okay
so this process as i mentioned before
it’s it’s very very quick
and this is exactly what you would do
each and every time
you want to create or add on like a new
you know going forward okay it really
doesn’t matter how many
if you got like um the plus or the
business you know plans itself with
you’ll be able to add on additional
domains you know going forward right and
they’re super easy to do if you have
questions about it
drop comments right below i’d be more
than happy to help you
great so right now we have installed
wordpress on our domain name and so what
this means is that we actually have
a live website on the internet if you
want to see now what it looks like
click on here where it says your link
right there click on it it’s going to
automatically open up
in a new browser so when it does that
this is amazing right so look at this
create a wp blog right so right now
we have an amazing website that’s been
all for us now i mentioned to you guys
before that the cool thing about
selecting the theme now
versus in a few short moments that i’m
going to show you is that
it automatically build out pages for you
now all of these images that you see
here of course they can be changed
to whatever you want really doesn’t
matter you can upload
images you can remove images if you have
pictures that you’ve taken like with
your camera
or what have your pictures that are
already on the net that you want to
upload you know to your website
you can do that it’s totally uh
guys but again i just wanted to show you
how this works okay
so it’s pretty cool this theme that i
selected out of the gate i mean there’s
some images that are already here
and you know if you want to like replace
the text that’s right there of course
you can do that
it’s a super simple really great even
have like a subsection here where you
can add like
maybe like testimonials or something
like that which is a really
really cool so i love this theme it’s
really clean
and it’s a really ideal you can see that
on this particular site that we’ve
using wordpress they’ve already created
a blog
for us on the actual website itself so
you have basically a two-in-one deal a
where you can sell products if you want
uh again it already has the ssl
installed namecheap did that for us
so i didn’t have to go out and like buy
um you know like an ssl
like externally namecheap gave that to
us for free which i think is great
um you can see that they have a blog
that they’ve created so it’s just a
matter of just adding no content to it
if you want
but again this is just a mere example of
mini that shows
us how to again create uh websites you
know online guys tell me what you think
about this thus far
what do you think about this process did
you get hung up
at a certain point of this namecheap
tutorial are you following step by step
did i miss something
did i go over something am i talking too
fast let me know guys
give me your feedback and that way i’ll
make sure to make you know adjustments
you know going uh for
so this is an about us page this is a
contact us
page that they created for us which is
you have some frequently asked questions
that are already here but of course you
you can change that and customize it
right a person can submit their
and that information will go directly to
your email which is awesome
so it’s really nice and there’s an
embedded map that comes up here for new
but you can always change that to maybe
your local city or state where you
so i just wanted to show you guys again
how this works it’s really simple
uh just involves a few steps getting
your domain name
getting your web hosting following a few
to make it to this point guys and the
very next thing you want to do is we’re
going to log into the back end
of our website itself so you guys
remember that on a previous page
we set up a admin username we also set
up a password
right and i told you to use like 9 or 10
characters with numbers
and symbols well every time that you
guys log in to the back end of your
what you’re going to do is type into
your browser in
an open tab the name of your domain name
dot com
forward slash wp dash admin every time
that you log into your website
you want to make updates you want to
publish new content
new pages new posts or articles on your
um any maintenance that you want to
perform on it that’s what you’re going
to do you’re going to type into another
like in my case it’s create a
forward slash wp admin so
what we’re going to do right now is
we’re just going to click on it and
being that we’re already logged into it
guys for namecheap it’s just going to
automatically redirect us
to it which i think is uh really cool
but again i just wanted you guys to
you know how this works so this is the
this is really where the work starts
you notice that you have a post tab
right here where you can see a list of
all of your posts that you have
published you know on your website you
can add new posts
you can categorize those posts which are
highly recommended
um you can add tags so these will be
like the keywords that people are typing
into google
yahoo and bing to then be delaying you
know on your website of course again you
guys are watching this video on youtube
on how to create a wordpress website
with namecheap but if somebody type that
in like in google
and they land up on my website that
would be due to
a tag right so again with post you can
do the same thing
as with videos you know like on youtube
right and people will find your content
a lot faster all of this you can do
from the back end of your dashboard
where we’re at right now if you want to
upload images
click on media library you can add or
upload new pictures
you can add a pages you know to it so
this particular theme built out for us
three pages already
a contact a blog and about me page which
is great
uh if people leave comments on your blog
you’ll see them right here
um there are two things that i wanted to
go over with you guys uh first
the very first thing is i want you to
click on settings
and go down to permalinks permalinks are
like the tail end of your website itself
the url itself like you notice like in
this case right here guys
if you notice going back to the actual
blog itself that we created a website
um the domain name itself is
but the permalink would be contact
so whatever tails the actual domain name
itself will be called the permalink
itself i like to use
um keywords for my permalinks itself
because again people
typically type those in to youtube and
type them into
google or yahoo or bing and this is the
way that people will find you
online so why do i mention you know
about permalinks well
you’ll notice that by default it’s set
to date and name so date and name is
but i want you guys to switch it to post
i want you to switch it to post name
because when you
post or publish uh content online
if you post it today right and it may be
a few months down the road somebody’s
you know like finding that same content
online or it’s appearing in google
if a person sees like a date in the
actual permalink it’s up they may
think that the content that they’re
clicking on or thinking about clicking
is outdated and you don’t want that it
may deter a person from clicking and it
may be the information that they need
the mere fact that they saw that it was
published you know like a year ago
they may think the information is
antiquated right so if you
if you click on post name go to the very
save changes and that’ll eliminate that
it’s cleaner
it’s more seo friendly and it’s really
ideal for again
helping your website to rank a lot
higher in the serps okay
if you go to appearance click on themes
now when we install wordpress today guys
it already gave us a theme
itself which is great but you’ll notice
whenever you install wordpress on your
website itself
you notice that there are already some
uh themes that come up here right if you
want to see what they look like
just click preview and if you like
a theme itself that’s already here you
can simply just click on
activate and what it’s going to do is
it’s going to change the theme itself
you’re using you know on your website
now let’s say that this theme right here
that i’ve selected today
that you guys saw you don’t like it you
don’t you don’t like the thing that i’ve
selected today or the theme that you’re
using right now
and you want to change it um you can do
that by clicking on
add themes right and so once you do that
you’ll be brought to a page that looks
like this
where you’ll see different types of
themes guys that you’ll have
the ability to select from now the cool
thing about this is that it’s broken
down into feature
things there are popular themes that are
out there
there’s some that are the latest themes
astro is a really nice theme to use
it’s very clean cadence is really nice
it’s very clean
there are a lot of themes here guys that
you can use
for your website that you created today
using wordpress
now how is it that you can go about
finding a theme that fits exactly
what you promote there’s a search bar
that’s here on the upper right
and what you want to do here guys is you
want to use it to search
for um specific wordpress themes that
are centered
around whatever it is that you promote
and the way you can do that is just type
by typing in key terms right so let’s
play around with this uh together
let’s type in let’s say you guys are
foodies right
you have a website or a blog that’s
about food maybe you have a restaurant
this is just a mere example type in the
word food
and you guys will notice that they’re
themes that pop up that are centered
around food
right we all love food i love italian
food that’s my favorite
let me know below in the comments area
what’s your favorite
uh food but you guys get the picture
with that so you can see different
types of themes that are centered around
food all of which
are 100 free and fully customizable you
can change it to whatever theme
or j or or food category that you guys
want really doesn’t matter if you type
say fitness let’s say you guys are into
maybe working out this is again just an
you can see wordpress themes that are
around fitness which is pretty cool
don’t you think so these are really nice
themes that you can use if you guys are
opening like a gym
or you’re like a personal trainer these
are really nice themes
that help you guys to again to be able
to create
or customize your website you know
online let’s say that some of you that
are watching this namecheap
tutorial are photographers
you can type in the word photo or you
can type in photography
and you guessed it you guys will come
and see different
uh themes itself that are centered
around that if you’re doing like
you can type in the word as as well like
waiting if that’s what you’re doing
so basically any keyword that describes
what it is that
you specialize in only you know i don’t
know but this is just a mere example
that i’m giving you guys in this name
cheap uh video review
to help you to see you know how this
works okay so what do you think about
is this really helping you to really uh
you know learn how to create your
website and really customize it to your
liking let me know
really appreciate your feedback right
below in the descriptions portion of
this video so
basically uh once you guys find a theme
that you like
again you can click preview
and when you preview it if you like what
you see and you think it really
resonates with what you’re doing online
uh click install and activate and from
that point you guys will have that
actual theme
you know on your website as well uh if
you drop down to where it says plugins
plugins as i mentioned before in the
beginning of this name cheap review just
add functionality to your website
they allow you to do things that you
can’t do without it by default there’s
some that come pre-installed
today you know we installed the classic
editor theme which allows you to easily
um you know posts and pages you know
eskimed is by default installed it
really blocks like
spam and like malware which is something
that you really need you need some form
of protection
on your website 24 7. uh escomat is
over 5 million people have installed it
online but
um it doesn’t cost to have it it’s about
five dollars
more or less for each website that you
want the protection on
it’s not expensive just five bucks but
there are wordpress plugins that allow
you to do it for free
so you’ll see that there’s this hello
dolly i want you guys to delete it
there’s some others that are already
here you can leave these because this
actually came with the name cheap
theme that i selected so i’m going to
leave those i’m not going to bug with
if you want to add plugins itself i just
click on add new
and there are a few that i think you
should install guys just to really get
your website
uh off to a really good start um when we
talk about like
anti-spam plugins itself if you just
type in that very word
like anti-spam or just spam you have
plugins that are here that block
spam itself titan is a really nice one
which is great anti-spam b i want you to
install that it’s a really great one it
has over 600 000
active insulation so that’s the one that
uh i use on a lot of sites that i have
i want you guys to look for an seo
it’s called uh yoast so yost is really
good for uh helping you with your seo
metrics online helping you to see how
often you are
using a specific keyword on your website
itself your posts and your pages if
you’re using it
too much or it’s not enough if your
is too short or it’s not long enough
it really helps you with the ins and
outs of your
h1 your h2s your threes and so on and
really help you to rank higher
you know in the serps as well and again
you can see that it’s been installed
over 5
million times so you have so far
a good anti-spam plug-in we’ve just
installed the yoast
seo plugin which is a great if you look
for a really good plugin under cash
cash itself and we’re not talking about
money guys we’re talking about speed and
page loads
you know a good ranking factor to help
you to
rank higher you know in the serps is uh
to have you know a good plugin that
helps with caching with page loads
itself so people
when they come to your website guys you
want to understand that
websites need to load uh very fast
three seconds or less uh if you’re on
closer to
like the two second uh or less is even
promotes a better experience you know
for your visitors itself of course web
contributes a big deal with that
namecheap is super reliable
but in conjunction to the web hosting
you can add
a cache plugin which also helps with
page loads as well so i mean there’s
several that are here guys i’m not going
to go over all of them
but one that i really like is this one
right here lightspeed cache
and for any plugin guys that you and
install you can just
activate them all and that way they’re
working you know once you’re actually
your content you know on your website
itself so today guys in this uh review
for namecheap again i wanted to show you
how to create
a very simple uh website
using wordpress we did that today right
we’re able to create a website
and included with this website we have a
blog that’s already here which is great
i showed you guys how to install plugins
how to
change you know like themes wordpress
themes i mean there are over
11 000 of wordpress themes that are
online and so you have so many
selections that you can
um pick from just you know going by like
keywords itself
and so that’s uh the real gist of
creating a website it’s super simple
from this point guys just a matter of
like adding content creating pages
and you know really just starting
because some people you know they have
the idea of creating a website but they
don’t start
and you guys did well today by one
pushing play
on this youtube video to watch this
wordpress tutorial for namecheap
and also taking action by creating your
uh today so you know when you’re
creating websites you know you have your
content up and all of that
you want to promote it you know online
there’s several ways that you can
promote a website online you can use
just like we’re doing right now when you
guys are watching this name cheap review
you can create videos you know online
that are super simple
that tell people about the products that
you guys
are offering you know online you can
also use a really good source like
and i’ll drop a link right below it’s a
really good platform to
partner with different entrepreneurs and
individuals that work from home
who want to do like freelancing so if
you want somebody to
create you know content for you to write
posts for you
to create thumbnails for your actual
youtube videos
just about any and everything that you
guys can imagine you can find someone
who does it
on fiverr for cheap and again i’ll leave
the link that’s right below
something else i wanted to tell you guys
about this name cheap review
is a follow-up you know when you are
trying to market your website online
sometimes people may arrive to your
website they may purchase from your
website they may not
but a really good way to follow up with
people is to implement some form of
email marketing
and so what i recommend for that guys is
a get response
i’ll drop a link right below that offer
you guys a really nice discount
if you use that link below they have a
30-day money-back guarantee
they also allow you to try it for free
so i really really love the services
that uh get response offers
uh for email marketing and it really
helps you to you know just to follow up
you know with your customers
over time and really to build your brand
you know with the products and services
that you guys are selling you know
online so
just wanted to tell you about those are
two things again fiverr
get response and youtube guys of course
i mean there are many ways to go about
uh promoting you know your content
online but the main idea is just don’t
you know some people again they just
wait i’m doing next year i’m gonna do it
next year next year comes they don’t do
don’t wait um you guys have done an
amazing job today
again by just clicking play on this
video tutorial and taking
action to create a very simple website
or blog today
using namecheap and i’m really proud and
excited that you guys
took that leap to change something about
your current situation i’ve been doing
this for
quite some time and i just wanted to go
through the basics today i didn’t want
to overwhelm you with all the technical
or technicalities of you know creating
websites but it’s super simple as you
guys can see today
and this is a beautiful website um that
you know a person could use
again um you know to promote you know
products and services you know
online so again i just wanted to show
you guys
um how to do this if you have any
questions at all
be sure to drop them right below and i
hope that you guys are staying safe
during covet these are very difficult
times that we’re living in
and i hope you guys are safe your
families uh just drop your comments
right below let me know what you think
and if you haven’t done so already be
sure to hit that subscribe button
that way future videos that i upload you
guys will be sure to receive them
tell me guys what you think below in
this in the in the
comments are below and i’ll catch you
guys on the next
video take care and have an amazing day

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