DreamHost review 2024! | The Nokia of web hosting? DreamHost Video Review


DreamHost review 2024! | The Nokia of web hosting?

Tutorial Hosting
if you’re dreaming of a better hosting
provider oh boy do I have one for you
dream host it’s one of the oldest
hosting companies sprouting all the way
back to 1997 with all that experience is
it viable in 2024 or is it the Nokia of
web hosting let’s start this updated
dream host
review I actually want to start this
video on pricing and plans since I think
it’s dream host strong side in general
dream host offers a nice selection of
services such as shared virtual or Cloud
host hosting and manage sham host
WordPress Solutions the VPS especially
provides good value but for today we
will focus on the core shared WordPress
hosting technically all of dream host
systems are WordPress optimized it even
has a recommendation from WordPress
creators themselves so we’ll see whether
it deserves it later on for now there is
a starter and unlimited plan they do
exactly as the name suggest starter is a
cheaper more limited version that is
suited only for one website unlimited
just gives you everything but the
kitchen sink and lets you run wild your
next question probably is are these
resources truly unlimited yes if you’re
not planning to host illegal content use
it as an ISO file storage space or host
streaming websites basically as long as
the resources are allocated to your
actual legal website use them as much as
you like even after creating God knows
how many test projects and trying to
break my site I haven’t received any
warning from dream host now look when
providers nowadays try to squeeze every
single set out out of you I give extra
points to those who concentrate on
giving extra to you for example a 14 or
30-day money back guarantee is by now a
standard for web hosting but it’s not a
rule by any measure dream host is
offering three times that a full 97
money back guarantee just shows it’s
actually oriented into your value and
time honestly don’t know any products
that would offer anything close to 100
day safety net for customers and it’s
not the only thing your domain privacy
here will be protected completely for
free usually this is a paid feature
where instead of domain registar showing
your real information it shows this
basically it allows you to operate more
anonymously and reduces annoying spam by
Bots not enough all right how about
daily automatic website backups even
with the cheapest plan I mean some
providers don’t even offer automatic
backups let alone daily ones so pack
this with an unlimited number of
websites and you will probably see the
value you get with dream host but not
everything is perfect dream host plans
don’t include a free domain name for the
first year something that most providers
offer sure it saves you only about $10
but I’d rather have an extra 10 than a
minus 10 another thing is that
professional email address the one
ending with ETA your website’s name cost
extra with the starter plan this packed
with relatively small pricing
differences between the starter and
unlimited options honestly makes the
former a bit useless the difference even
after renewals is $5 a month so go
straight for the unlimited plan dream
host overall has a pretty decent renewal
increase of around three times the
original price that might sound like a
lot but when some providers increase the
price 5 to eight times it makes
dreamhost a wallet friendly choice so if
you only need a short answer is
dreamhost worth it yes the unlimited
plan offers a lot and costs relatively
little I would also recommend checking
their VPS selection anyway I’ll leave my
discount link below or you can scan the
QR code on screen to save a bit more
seeing as it’s one of the few hosting
providers recommended by WordPress
creators is stream host good at it and
overall website management well it’s
quite simple and easy to follow that’s
for sure I like that every tool is
neatly packed on the left side and
everything is logically categorized you
shouldn’t have any real problems even if
it’s your first hosting provider
WordPress tools are good but honestly
they are not that impressive you get
performance optimization settings like
cache or image compression and you can
also change a few options here and there
but that’s it no way to update or
deactivate plugins from this dashboard
like hosting or allows no specific
plug-in for easy management that Blu
host includes and even staging is locked
under expensive plans so that’s the
thing dreamhost WordPress controls
aren’t bad by any measure just some
non-recommended WordPress providers can
now offer more than the recommendations
but the thing that bugged me the most
was that the dreamhost web hosting panel
was slow and at times buggy while the
installation process itself is simple it
takes surprisingly long for the
WordPress setup to be finished I even
thought that the process had crashed at
97% a few times but it eventually
completed the installation I don’t want
to keep comparing dream host to
hostinger but I have to hosting her
setup is at least three times faster if
not more and if I’m being honest there
are few too many upsells in the
dashboard upgrade this add a domain that
it might be my preference but I prefer
clean dashboards that might have sounded
a bit more negative but overall I like
the dream host dashboard It’s relatively
clean and simple to use but it feels
like dream host is also f in behind with
what it can offer you dreamhost hosting
has a website builder included in all
plans but I have mixed feelings about it
it’s not a standard website builder like
you imagin it doesn’t change the way you
manage your website it’s a WordPress
integrated Builder this means that
dreamhost has nothing to do with it bold
grid is a thirdparty tool the thing is
you can also use hundreds of similar
WordPress integrated website Builders
like Elementor or WP Bakery bold grid on
its own is a good Builder with a decent
amount of experience the you get full
drag and drop controls a bunch of
different elements and modern looking
templates there’s also an inspiration
theme that allows for even further
customization and this is a premium
version of the Builder which has
everything unlocked my problems however
are that the Builder can feel clunky or
limiting and some users have reported it
slowing down their websites security is
also important but it’s mostly technical
stuff so I’ll only cover the main points
I’ve already mentioned the domain
privacy protection the free let’s
encrypt SSL certificate and automatic
backups in the pricing part but dream
host also includes monitoring and
intrusion detection systems my small
complaint is that the custom malware
scanning tool dream Shield is on the
more expensive side while some providers
offer them for free overall both
security and website builder aspects are
solid with dream host but there are
places to improve if you’re planning to
get dream host don’t forget to use those
discount links below you don’t need to
copy Any Dream host promo code the link
works automatically for your convenience
so okay it offers good value and is easy
to manage but there’s one aspect left
dream host Performance website speed
isn’t just about visitor retention
anymore how fast your site loads impacts
its placement in Google search results
load slowly and watch your good ranking
fall down and down Google currently
States the golden line is 2.5 seconds to
get that good check mark to test dream
host I’ve created two websites one with
an empty WordPress install and the other
with a full site with some demo content
I’m using the free Google page speed
Insight tool which you can also use to
check your Project’s performance the
empty site loaded in under 1.5 seconds
while the complete website took around 2
seconds to be fair that’s not the
fastest performance even in the shared
hosting Market hostinger can basically
cut dream host time in half what could
help dream host is to include more
optimization tools or use updates to
newer technology currently for better
performance you have to optimize your
site manually or upgrade to a VPS plan
next up in this dream host host hosting
review we should talk about customer
support well the dream host system is a
mixed bag there’s only ticket and live
chat support with the option for support
callback the quality of the regular
support channels is quite good they do
take some time but they actually solve
your problems and don’t just spin in
circles callbacks are a bit weirder
because there is a fee yeah either a
onetime or monthly fee for a support
callback so you need to submit a ticket
explaining everything and then get a
call from a support agent it feels like
a lot of time wasted but to give a plus
they do offer cacks in Spanish also not
just English overall it seems like the
support system is focused on better
plans you need lots of support so grab
manage hosting with priority if you
don’t need it shared WordPress will do
in fact if you want to spend more money
and save time you can grab dreamhost Pro
Services Straight From the dashboard
these can help you with SEO website
management or creating a design Pro
services are great tools to have at your
disposal though they are on the more
expensive side all righty is dream host
the best website hosting in 2024 it’s
good A bit outdated in places but one
thing is clear dream host offers great
value with its unlimited plan the
dashboard here is easy and feels modern
even though it could be faster the same
goes for performance it meets the
recommended time but there’s room to
improve with newer Tech however the
insanely long money back guarantee and
low renewal increase are what allow me
to confidently recommend you to give
dream host a shot thanks for watching my
dream host review you can find more
content like this by subscribing and
don’t forget to click that like button
since dream host is promising new
improvements I might just do an updated
dream host video review later this year
we’ll see but anyway thanks and I’ll see
you next time

🧨 Grab DreamHost's WordPress hosting with a huge discount! 🧨 βœ… DreamHost Hosting – Limited Time Offer! ➑️ https://cnews.link/get-dreamhost/IbsfzPkZgCk/ If you're dreaming of a better hosting provider, oh boy, do I have one for you – DreamHost. It's one of the oldest hosting companies, having come out of the starting blocks back in 1997. With all that experience, is it still viable in 2024 or is it the Nokia of web hosting? Let's start with this updated Dreamhost review… ——————————– πŸ€– DreamHost Pricing and Plans! Technically, all of DreamHost's systems are optimized for WordPress, it even has a recommendation from the WordPress developers themselves. So whether it deserves that, we'll see later; for now, there's a Starter and an Unlimited plan. They do exactly what the name suggests. Starter is a cheaper, more limited version that's only good for one website. Unlimited gives you everything but the kitchen sink and lets you run wild. Your next question is probably: are these resources really unlimited? Yes, unless you plan on hosting illegal content, using it as ISO file storage space, or hosting streaming websites. Basically, as long as the resources are allocated to your actual legal website, you can use them as much as you want. ——————————– 🧨 How to use DreamHost? Well, it's pretty simple and easy to follow, that's for sure. I like that each tool is neatly packed on the left side and everything is logically categorized. You shouldn't have any real problems even if it's your first hosting provider. The WordPress tools are good, but honestly they're not that impressive. You get performance optimization settings like cache or image compression, you can also change a few options here and there. But that's it. No ability to update or deactivate plugins from this dashboard like Hostinger allows, no dedicated plugin for easy management that Bluehost includes, and even the staging feature is locked on expensive plans. So that's the thing: DreamHost's WordPress controls are by no means bad, just some non-recommended WordPress providers now offer more than the recommendations… ——————————– πŸ€–How fast is DreamHost? Site speed is no longer just about visitor retention, how fast your site loads affects its placement in Google search results. Load slowly and watch your good ranking drop further and further… Google currently states that the golden line is 2.5 seconds to get that “Good” checkmark. To test DreamHost, I created 2 sites, one with a blank WordPress installation and the other with a full site with some demo content. I use the free Google Page Speed ​​Insight tool, which also lets you check your project's performance. The empty site loaded in under 1.5 seconds, while the full website took about 2 seconds. Honestly, that's not the fastest performance, even in the shared hosting market, Hostinger can basically halve DreamHost's time. What could help DreamHost would be to incorporate more optimization tools or use updates for newer technology. ——————————– ⭐ The Bottom Line Is DreamHost the best website host in 2024? It's good, a bit dated in places, but one thing is clear – DreamHost offers great value for money with its Unlimited plan. The dashboard here is simple and feels modern, even if it could be faster. The same goes for performance – it meets the recommended time, but with newer technology, there's room for improvement. However, the insanely long money-back guarantee and low renewal increase make me confidently recommend giving DreamHost a chance… ——————————– 00:00 Intro 0:19 DreamHost Pricing & Plans! 3:28 How to Use DreamHost? 5:01 Website builder and security! 6:28 How fast is DreamHost? 7:28 Pro services and customer support! 8:03 Conclusion! Stay updated with the latest news: ➑️ Visit our website https://cybernews.com/ ➑️ Check out our merch store https://cnews.link/merch/ ➑️ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cybernewscom/ ➑️ Twitter https://twitter.com/cybernews ​ ➑️ #cybernews #cybernewshosting #dreamhostreview #dreamhost #dreamhosthostingreview #dreamhostvideoreview #dreamhostplans #dreamhostpromocode #isdreamhostworthit #isdreamhostgood #dreamhostperformance #dreamhosthosting We are affiliated with but not sponsored by a service provider. This means we may receive a small commission when you click on the links provided, but our reviews remain authentic. Footage provided by Envato Elements
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DreamHost Review

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