[2020] EasyWP Managed Hosting Review and How to Use Tutorial – Is Namecheap Managed Hosting Any Good? Namecheap Video Review


[2020] EasyWP Managed Hosting Review and How to Use Tutorial – Is Namecheap Managed Hosting Any Good?

Tutorial Hosting
hey everyone welcome to another video
and today I will show you how you can
create our website using named Jeeps
managed wordpress hosting ez WP I will
show you from scratch you know how to
purchase a domain how to purchase a
hosting and install WordPress and it is
very easy to do so as it is a managed
wordpress hosting so it is perfect for
beginners who don’t know how to manage
servers and don’t want to deal with the
hassle of it so you know it’s just
perfect for them it is very easy to set
up and easy and quick to set up
so on my website I have written review
and tutorials so if you are interested
in that you can read the read my review
from my website yeah you will find the
link in the description and also in the
comments I will pin it so some of the
cons iam pros I think of this hosting
are it has managed hosting so yeah so
less hassle of dealing with cPanel and
everything it’s perfect for beginners
and it is hosted on named jeeps cloud
infrastructure so it is better than
their shared hosting and it will have
more uptime and better better loading
time and it is by default it comes it is
optimized to load fast so Namecheap has
their own wordpress plugin easy WP so
that’s a caching caching plugin and it
will cache your WordPress pages and post
so every time your visitor comes to your
site it will load much quicker so you
don’t have and you don’t have to deal
with third-party optimization plugins
and all that by default it comes
installed with this plug-in and
Namecheap also offers free CDN with
their plants so you don’t have to again
deal with the hassle of you know finding
a different CDN and signing up and
installing and everything so that makes
things easy and basically their basics
there free CDN also comes with basic
DDoS protection
so your website will have some degree of
protection from DDoS attacks I mean I
don’t think a lot but you know it will
have some protection that’s better than
anything and it also comes with free SSL
Certificates no free assistance
certificates just have become very
common and but the problem is that with
or start a host plan there is no free
SSL certificate by default you can
install a free SSL certificate but it
doesn’t come by default so which I think
they should have provided but you know I
will show you how to do it if you want
to learn about that please post in the
comments and free backup which is a very
good feature I free I believe because
backups are really important for any
kind of website if your website receives
just ten visits hundred visit someone or
you it receives 100,000 visit someone
backups are really important so you
don’t lose your data you know if
anything goes wrong you can if you have
a backup you can restore your website
easily in case it gets hacked there was
some malicious plugin or there was some
problem with a plug-in theme or you
accidentally made some changes which
stopped broke your website and so they
offer a free backup system which is
really good so and if you want to learn
how to create back WordPress backup
using plug-in I also have a tutorial
about that you can find the link in the
car okay and the word quick WordPress
installation so it’s a managed wordpress
hosting so installing wordpress is very
easy and quick so just and it takes like
90 seconds to do that and it has a very
good uptime which is really important if
you have an online store or really
important website you know if your
website goes down you will lose a lot
more revenue so how good of time is
really important for any kind of website
and here by if you check this check my
review you will find this link to check
their server status and you can see in
the last 90 days
there were just three instances of minor
died down times
so you can see in the last 90 days there
was their uptime as 99.95% which i think
is really awesome which is really very
good and WP dashboard and all of the
services have 100% uptime in the last 90
days and you can also read about the
past incidents here you can read about
the past incidents which ever which has
happened so I think 99.95% uptime is
really good for any web site and some of
the cons of this hosting I believe are
there are no there is no cPanel so it
can be a pro and con depending on who
you ask
so if you are beginner you don’t want to
deal with the hassle of managing cPanel
and configuring and all that so it is a
pro for you but if you want to have more
control over your server it is a con and
no free SSL certificate with the start
of man so I feel they should have
provided a free SSL certificate I mean
it has become a basic necessity to for
all web sites to have SSL so SSL
certificate so that’s a con but you know
but you can get there ways to install
SSL certificate even with the startup
man so so it’s okay it’s manageable and
some plugins are blocked you can check
the full list of block plugins here I
provided the link to on my review
website so if you want to check the list
of block plugins here and this WP and
Yoast SEO is not banned it is actually
they recommend you installing it to
improve SEO so you can read the full
list it mostly contains caching plugins
and some plugins like related posts
which consumes a lot of resources
database resource so they have blocked
those plugins and no subdomains are
allowed so you cannot host your website
on a subdomain and your domain should be
with namecheap
so that’s not you know I think it’s all
the cons are manageable considering they
offer you a very good hosting managed
hosting on cloud at 30
cheap rate so I think it’s a very good
good offer if you have a website and if
you have a good if you want to have a
good up time and don’t want to deal with
a lot of hassle you can go for there man
go for this name cheap management place
hosting and the best plans I feel is I
would suggest you to go over the easy WP
super sonic the highest tier plan they
have and pay yearly for it and just be
done with it for the next 12 months and
as I tell you why I am recommending the
their highest tier plan and you can
check the full list of plans here by
clicking it’s all available on in my
review all the good all the relevant
links are available in my review so you
can check that so let’s scroll up and
let’s start the tutorial of creating
website from scratch so here click on
the start here click on buy domain and
easy WP hosting and this is an affiliate
link so if you go through this I will
get a small Commission and you will get
a discount and you don’t have to be
anything extra so if you feel my
tutorial is helpful please buy it from
my affiliate link and just click here
and it will take you to the Namecheap
website and search for the domain name
domain name as your website name like
your website comm or.net or dot org dot
o-r-g anything you want so I want to
create a website register webs in domain
name Bonjour dot website it’s also it’s
and you can see if it is available it
will show that it is available and like
here it will show you other extensions
also so if you want to do so multiple
domains you can do that but I will say
just ignore it okay and all that if your
website if the extension you want is not
available you can select any other
extension you want or you can try a
different domain name by again searching
here so because my domain name is
available so I will click on Add to Cart
and you will see this message it has
been added to the cart and then you will
see the message ez WP click on it and
then you it will show you all the
available plans so now I will calculate
and show you why I think this plan is
the best and if you pay yearly so let’s
check the monthly rates of this plans
okay you can see the monthly rate of
this WP turbo plan if I would not
recommend you to go with the WP starter
plan because it only has very limited
space and not a line not a lot of
features it doesn’t have free SSL
certificate which will be a hassle for
just for few bucks so I would recommend
you to go with the turbo plan but if you
are just starting your website and you
want to go with the WP starter plan you
know you can still go with it
no problem so I will calculate this
renew III you set at the normal price
seven point eight eight per month so
that’s seven point eight eight four
twelve months will equal to ninety four
point five six dollars okay and if you
check the yearly rate it is just twenty
six point eight eight and if you pay
monthly you will have to pay ninety four
point five six so it’s like if you pay
yearly you will have to only pay one
fourth of the price so this is why I
recommend pay yearly and not monthly
it’s just too costly to pay monthly and
why why I recommend you to go for the
supersonic plan if you will see that for
one year you will have 222 pay twenty
two point eight eight dollars for the WP
startup man and just by adding four
bucks extra for a year you can get the
turbo plan and just by adding two bucks
extra to the turbo plan you can get the
supersonic plan for a year so I think
thirty bucks for a year is it’s not a
lot and you get a lot of benefits with
this it’s offers you hundreds eb SSD
compared to the 50 gb SSD with the turbo
plan so that’s double and the number of
visitor per month is also double and by
the way i just want to clarify that this
is not a specific number like if your
website visitor count goes mode is more
than 500 thousand it will not be blogged
but it has a estimate that depending on
the resources your website has it is it
can handle this much visitors and it it
has 2x more cpu 2x more ram it comes
with a guarantee of 99.9% uptime can it
so if you have an online store shop or
any web site your uptime is really
important it helps in boosting your SEO
it if your website is down your customer
visits your site you will lose a
customer you will lose their revenue and
they will not come back to your website
because it was dumb or if your website
goes down in the middle of a customer
was purchasing something they will not
trust your website and it could be
facing you could lose a lot more revenue
than not than saving two bucks here so
that’s this is why i would recommend you
to go for this easy WP super sonic plan
and just pay yearly and be done with it
also has free CDN free SSL and
everything so and if you are still not
convinced you can try the monthly you
can try the service for one month and
then decide if you want to pay for a
year or not ok so just for the demo
purpose and trial have opted for the
monthly plan easy WP supersonic
select and click on this cart icon to
add it to your cart and you will see
this message easy WP added to cart ok
now click on checkout and this select
escorter room turn on the auto renew you
can turn it off later also but for some
registration work domains it doesn’t
work if you don’t turn on the auto renew
so oh is God in April who is car and by
default name Chiefs offer you who is
card protection for free who is card
protection protects your personal
details from web crawlers and this is
why I like Namecheap better than GoDaddy
and other hosting broad domain
registrar’s because they offer free who
is God protection for all domains
available so this pretty this is really
important and go if you register a
domain with GoDaddy they will charge you
for it so and that just a ripoff so this
is why I like Namecheap and have trust
in them I have been using the name cheap
are registering domain for years and
never had any problem like never had I
have registered dozens of domains with
them and never had to contact the
support or anything and they also have a
live chat support option so that’s
really good and you can dis review all
the items in your cart this is the
domain registrar this domain just make
sure that this spelling and everything
is correct here and who is got
protection as enable and your hosting
plan easy WP for bonjour not website and
this is the supersonic plan and I’m pear
trying it for one month so just okay and
then you don’t have to if you want you
can opt for the free trial of email
hosting but you don’t have to you can
also opt for that later just click on
confirm order and then on the next page
you will be prompted to login to name
chip if you already have an account you
can log in to name Jeff
and if you want if you don’t have an
account with namecheap you can create an
account that’s pretty easy just enter
your username password first name last
name email address and create a click on
create account and continue you will get
a confirmation email in your Gmail a car
in your email account so confirm your
email and your account you will open so
I already have a contract named chip so
I will just log in and just okay I will
show you another great security feature
named cheap-ass that they used a second
factor authentication so even if your
password get compromised your account
they will not be able to log into your
name chip account which is really
important because you know if someone
hacks your account and they can transfer
your domain so you could lose like a lot
of money if your website gets lost it’s
all gone so I would suggest you to
select that’s why I recommend using
Namecheap which has a offers a good
security protection and that and doesn’t
even charge you extra for it so that’s
really good
so this payment page you will have to
enter your card details and in the
billing address
yeahyou it will appear like this for you
I had new contact it’s all pretty basic
details you have to enter name address
and car details so I already have
register address with them so I will use
my default account contact and I will
add my car details here so just I will
blur the payment details
that’s all basic and easy to setup
okay so I’ve added my card details and
my dress is already being registered in
it so this will show you all the
automatic renewal settings so depending
on your preferences you can enable that
or not I would say just keep this
enabled and then click on continue okay
so there was some problem with my card
okay now it has been accepted entering
your card Eden’s you like continue and
you know that this page will show so
again it will give you a chance to
review all the items in your cart and
just make sure that everything gets
correct all your website name is correct
and there’s no spelling mistake as if it
as if there’s any mistake you cannot
reverse it so just make sure that all
the Spelling’s and everything is correct
and it’s for one year registration and
this is the price and free who is God
and this stuff one year subscription it
Namecheap opposite or completely free
and this is the easy WP WordPress
hosting for supersonic plan monthly and
this is for just 0.03 so this perfect
for trying their plan and you know check
if it will work for you or not before
you commit for a year so and the
subtotal is this much and it will show
you the payment details and renewal
settings so after reviewing everything
click on Pay Now okay so I changed my
payment method to PayPal and now my
order has been successfully placed there
was some issue with my car I don’t know
why turns out getting a proof but
anyways so you can just change your
payment method if you face any such
error okay so you can again see your
payment purchase details here you will
get all the order number and everything
and initially charged and this payment
method and payment transaction number
order number
you can download the receipts and what
do you have to do is okay now that we
have made our payment and the order has
been successfully placed what you have
to do is set it up scroll down and on
this on the bottom of the page you will
see this option set up your next step
set up your DNS setup our wordpress site
will direct your domain so what we have
to do is set up our WordPress website so
click on get started and again you will
see this options ok just click on cancel
ok so on this screen you will see that
there is a one web site available to set
up this is the supersonic plan we opted
for and the study neuville date and what
its wordpress status us not and so on so
click on WordPress setup WordPress and
then it will check for the domain and ok
for some reason if your domain is not
showing you the new registered domain is
not showing you yeah so what do you have
to do is open a new tab and go to name
she can go to my website and from there
you can also go and just go to your
account dashboard and from here you will
be able to see all the websites
available so let’s see this click click
on manage
and it’s yeah yeah so the problem was
this custom DNS make sure that Namecheap
basic DNS is selected ok and select us
and click on say so I have been using
the mg for years as I told you so I have
customized it to use custom DNS and that
is why the EZ WP installation was not
working so once you select this it sure
you know it should start showing up in
your work easy WP dashboard let’s go
back to easy WP and I will refresh it
and let’s and you can see the this is
the domain we just registered and now it
is showing up there so ok select the
domain and then click continue and then
click on create WordPress website
okay so the whole installation process
takes about one minute to 90 seconds so
after installing if you’re if you see
any 4:04 error or something like that
don’t worry about it at your website
just wait for a minute
and refresh the page your website will
start working so and all your website
credentials will be emailed to you and
showing your website Bonjour esta live
and so you can find WordPress
credentials on your email so you see it
this is how easy and it’s really very
easy and quick to set up any WordPress
website or with the same cheap easy WP
hosting all your WordPress admin
credentials will be mailed to you you
can check your email for username and
password and I will recommend you to
change them after logging into your
WordPress admin dashboard
this was the WordPress dashboard link so
this video has become a bit longer and
then I want it so in the next part 2 of
this video I will show you an overview
of the WordPress dashboard and so make
sure you watch that also and I will show
you how to log in to your WordPress
dashboard and stahl plugins and show you
all the functionalities of easy WP so
yeah that that link will be in the
description and in the comments and also
probably will be usable on the screen
right now

This is a perfect video for beginners to learn how to buy a domain, host and install WordPress to create a website with Namecheap Easy WP Managed Hosting. In part 2 of the video I will explain how to add SSL, access files via SFTP, access databases, create backups and configure Supersonic CDN Namecheap offers free with Turbo and Supersonic plan. My review on the site is shown in the video – https://smarthelpguides.com/namecheap-managed-easy-wp-honest-review-and-tutorial/ If you have any questions about installing WordPress on Easy WP Hosting, post them please in the comments. Music: None
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